IsotopeMartIsotopeMart is a powerful module for VirtueMart. You can draw the attention of your visitors and display your products in a dynamic filterable and sortable layout. Your products will be displayed in a fashion manner with nice filter and sort animation effect.


    • The first step is to login to your website administration
    • And then from the top menu go to “Extensions” and choose “Manage”
    • Select "Upload Package File" tab
    • Click on “choose file” and browse the “” module file
    • Once the file is selected click on “Upload & Install”



    • From the administration area of your Joomla website go to “Extensions” and then “Modules”


    • search and click on the module named “IsotopeMart layout for VirtueMart”


    • From the “Module” tab you should publish the module and choose a position
    • Don’t forget to assign the module to the desired menu link from the “Menu Assignment” tab

Also From the "Module” tab you can configure the module to adapt it to your needs, you find:

  1. Display: Select the type of product you would like to display
  2. Category: Select the category to choose the products from.
  3. Only root categories: Filter only by root categories
  4. Number of products:  Number of products to display it takes effect only if you the option pagination is disabled
  5. Enable Pagination: Enable Ajax Pagination, it will add a load more button
  6. Per Page:   When you enable pagination option you should provide the number of items to load per page
  7. Item width: width of the product box
  8. Item height: height of the product box
  9. Theme Color: Change the theme color
  10. Hover Style:Choose the hover animation on the item
  11. Same image size: force all images to have the same size, you should provide the height in this case
  12. Image height: it works only if the option same image size is enabled
  13. Display options
  14. New product from: Set product as a new product if the product Availability Date not older than selected time
  15. Load jQuery: Disable this option if don't want to load jQuery


From the “Visibility Options” section you can:

    1. 1. Hide VirtueMart front: Hide or not the hole VirtueMart front view when it’s displayed in the same page with the IsotopeMart module
    2. 2. Hide in VirtueMart views: Hide or not the module in the VirtueMart views (list view, details view…)





  • Thursday, 20 February 2014