IsotopeAds IsotopeAds is a powerful module for Adsmanager component, it allows you to display your ads in a dynamic filterable and sortable mansory layout, your ads will be displayed in a fashion manner with nice filter animation effect, it’s based on the incredible Isotope plugin for jQuery with all the benefits and capabilities, it comes with a responsive design, It means that IsotopeAds will be equally beautiful and usable on platforms as varied as a small mobile screen to a HD monitor


    • The first step is to login to your website administration
    • And then from the top menu go to “Extensions” and choose “Manage”
    • Select "Upload Package File" tab
    • Click on “choose file” and browse the “” module file
    • Once the file is selected click on “Upload & Install”

extensions manager


    • From the administration area of your Joomla website go to “Extensions” and then “Modules”

module manager

    • search and click on the module named “IsotopeAds layout for AdsManager”

list modules

    • From the “Module” tab you should publish the module and choose a position

details tab

  • From the “Module” tab you can configure the module to adapt it to your needs, you find:
  1. Filters: by default the filters are all the root AdsManger categories, if you want to manually choose the filters you can change this field to “Custom” option
  2. Categories: only if you set the “Filters” option to “Custom” you can select here one or more category
  3. Sort by: by default the ads can be sorted by price, date and title but you can choose a specific fields to sort by, then you should change it to be “Custom”
  4. Field: only if you choose “Sort by” option to be “Custom” then you select here the fields for sorting options
  5. Show fields: if you want to display some information with the ads you can select here the field note that by default the fields that you have chosen to sort the ads will be displayed with the ads
  6. Image Width
  7. Image height
  8. Search fiter: display a text field to filter the ads by text
  9. Theme color: you can select the color of the theme (buttons, hover background...)
  10. Show ordering: display or not the ordering options (Ascending, Descending)
  11. Show date: display or not the date with the ads
  12. New badge: display or not the new badge with the ads
  13. Hot badge: display or not the hot badge with the ads
  14. Enable pagination
  15. Per page: number if ads per page
  16. Load or not the JQuery plugin file

options tab

From the “Visibility Options” tab you can:

  1. 1. Hide Adsmanger front: Hide or not the hole Adsmanger front view when it’s displayed in the same page with the Isotope module
  2. 2. Hide in AdsManager views: Hide or not the module in the Adsmanager views (list view, details view…)

basic options section

Don’t forget to assign the module to the desired menu link from the “Menu Assignment” tab



  • Thursday, 17 September 2015