gridadsIf you already come across the Samsung Corporate Design Center, you certainly have noticed the stylish grid loading effect.

Good news! we bring this great grid loading effect to AdsManager using a Masonry grid with CSS animations.


    • The first step is to login to your website administration
    • And then from the top menu go to “Extensions” and choose “Manage”
    • Select the tab "Upload Package File"
    • Click on “choose file” and browse the “” module file
    • Once the file is selected click on “Upload & Install”



    • From the administration area of your Joomla website go to “Extensions” and then “Modules”


search and click on the module named “Grid Loading for AdsManager”


  • From the “Module” tab you should publish the module and choose a position
  • Don’t forget to assign the module to the desired menu link from the “Menu Assignment” tab

Also from the “Module Options” tab you can configure the module to adapt it to your needs, you find:

  1. Display: Select the order of ads you would like to display
  2. Category: Select the category to choose the ads from.
  3. Number of ads:  Number of ads to display
  4. Item Width: the width of the item inside the grid
  5. Animation
  6. Theme color: the color of the theme
  7. Display options





  • Sunday, 03 January 2016